Alumni Spotlight: Isaiah Narisma

MiraCosta College alum Isaiah Narisma has always felt a connection to his community.
Growing up in Oceanside, Isaiah knew firsthand about all the opportunities and offerings that were available right in his backyard. A fact that really came to light when pursuing higher education.
“When I started looking at colleges, I was deciding between options outside of Oceanside, but I knew how valuable it would be to stay within this community. Wherever I went, everyone always talked about how MiraCosta was the Harvard of community colleges. Not only was it affordable but I knew it would set me up for success in my future.”
Isaiah also highlighted how MiraCosta College was the perfect springboard to university. And it was a connection he made while playing high school rugby in Oceanside that may have sealed the deal for enrolling at MiraCosta College.
Years ago, while Isaiah was still navigating his way through high school, renowned MiraCosta College Rugby Coach Keli Ross-Ma'u introduced himself after attending one of his rugby games at Mission Vista High School. The two got to talking and over time Isaiah learned more about Coach Keli’s leadership and coaching style.
“Coach Keli’s goal was not just to produce good rugby players but to produce successful students and graduates,” noted Isaiah.
“From the moment I met him, he made it very apparent that he wanted his players to be smart and successful in the classroom. Once I enrolled at MiraCosta College, we worked on an education plan that outlined all the courses I needed to take to graduate in two years.”
For Isaiah, that level of support and planning proved significant.
Inside and outside the classroom, he thrived. Although it wasn’t without hardship and challenge.
“I attribute so much of who I am to what I learned on the field with my teammates,” explained Isaiah. “The attitude and foundation you build as a team translates over to the hardships you might have in the classroom.”
As a rugby player for MiraCosta College, Isaiah found early success on the field. Though over time he dealt with a variety of injuries, ultimately forcing Isaiah to stop playing. Yet that wasn’t going to impact his involvement as a tea leader. Isaiah knew he still wanted to help any way possible.
At the time, Isaiah had a strong background in fitness and physical therapy and decided to work with his teammates in a manager role. He regularly worked with the players to keep them fit and focused during their championship run, emphasizing the value of recovery following each game.
“Whether its in sports or in the classroom, I know how important preparation is,” shared Isaiah.
In the classroom, Isaiah applied those principles of practice and preparation when selecting a major. His interest always lied in business, and over time his mentors helped him hone in beyond that. Ultimately, Isaiah found a passion for management information systems, “a perfect crossroads between business acumen and technology skills,” explained Isaiah. It didn’t hurt that the major was one of the most in-demand career tracks either, joked Isaiah.
After completing his classes at MiraCosta, Isaiah went on to transfer to Cal State University San Marcos and now works as a Software Engineer at Viasat.
Shared Isaiah, “I’m so grateful for the tools MiraCosta College provided me. Thanks to Coach Keli and the support from all my mentors, it was so easy to transition to university.
“MiraCosta College provided me the foundation to excel in the classroom and in my career,” concluded Isaiah.

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